Jehovah’s One-Table Restaurant

Here is the filmed version of Levin Diatschenko’s second play in its entirety, free. Filmed by Will Tinapple during a two-week season of packed shows. 

A tiny restaurant with only one table; chicken soup with no chicken; wine so old it’s mythological…

Jehovah’s One-Table Restaurant is the universe in two slapstick acts. One waiter with two customers, and two bumbling waiters with one customer.

This second play by Levin A. Diatschenko has been cooked up with a splattering of theology, lashings of surrealism (perhaps a sprinkle of noir), and then everything marinated in slapstick comedy.

Directed by Hamish McDonald
Staring Kadek Hobman, Jack Kramer Tinapple, and Lisa Pellegrino.


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