The Great Brain Robbery

Levin has written a movie, and has been directing it for the last two years (on no budget!).


The visionary new movie from Flugendorf Films.
A mystical, surrealist, slapstic, hard-boiled defective noir.


Combining the psychological insight of Monty Python with the humour of Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain.

Cinematography and Assistant direction: Lukas Bendel.

Sound and Assistant Direction: David Newman.

Lighting: Rebecca Adams.

Animation: Dan Hartney and Nick Smith.

Puppets and Dolls made by The Squeeking Tribe, with the exception of Skeleton Woman, by Big Conner.


Kadek Hobman, Lisa Pellegrino, Jack tinapple, Dan Davies, and Allana Jolly Parrott.


A performance hypnotist named Eugene Von Klorr becomes so powerful that merely being in the same room with him is enough to put people into trance. This inspires him to become a burglar, robbing half the North Australian town of Darwin right under the occupants’ noses. And he doesn’t just take things: he leaves things and rearanges things, creating scandals in his wake.

One scandalised victim is Shuck Derbspreck, a high judge in the running for mayor. He strikes back by hiring two private detectives – Louise Pacing and Leonard Brooding, of L & L Investigations — to find the thief.

The pursuit takes them to the Himalayas and back, from the surreal to the ethereal, from darkness to night, and from death to immortality!

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