The New Death

new death cover

Partial Pete The Incomplete does not have enough skin to cover his whole body. It runs out when it gets to his face, leaving it raw and uncovered. The result is that more often than not, other people mistake him for the Angel of Death. This irks him no end.

Partial Pete is on a quest through the Australian outback, seeking out the various branches of his family tree to find the answers to his origins. But he has also discovered that, like other trees, there are critters living in the branches. Specifically, he’s found a rabid, possum-like animal that has been the cause of generations of violence. This possum – this violence – even caused a tragedy in the family. Along the way, Partial Pete meets a kaleidoscope of characters, groups, and organisations, which help or hinder his quest, and take him all over the N.T. and beyond.

Scores of short tales interwoven into a whole, this book contains 111 micro-chapters!

CC Levin A. Diatschenko (Creative Commons Attribution 2.5)

Publisher: Wolfty&Cliff, 300 pages.




(These links also take you to a preview of what’s inside the book.)

This book began as part of the Memory Makes Us project, organised by if:books and the QLD Writer’s Centre. On 30th May 2014, during the Eye of The Storm writer’s festival in Darwin, N.T. (Australia), the author participated as one of the performing writers. He wrote live in public what was essentially a draft of the first seven chapters.

See the previous blog post about the project on the home page.


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