My Soul Cried The Spaceman

Levin A. Diatschenko

Levin A. Diatschenko is a prolific novelist and playwright from Australia, in the ball park of Russell Hoban, William Burrows, Jorge L. Borges, Rene Daumal, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Philip K. Dick, and so forth. His work is mostly inspired by meditation (raja yoga) and dreams bumped up against life in general.

Works so far:

My Soul Cried The Spaceman
The Rooftop Sutras (Shortlisted for The N.T. Book of The Year Award).
The Man Who Never Sleeps
Darwin Vs. Matilda (also called The Kiss of Matilda) (Play)
Jehovah’s One-Table Restaurant (play)
The Adventures of Burat The Brave (play)
The Great Brain Robbery (movie script)

The Swagman’s Ghost
Plus various pamphlets and magazine articles.
Diatschenko was born in Sydney, and raised in Alice Springs. He has lived in most major cities in Australia, but now resides in Darwin.

Arnold Zable called him ‘The Kafka of the Outback’. Rak Razam called him ‘The suburban Borges’. His work has been referred to variously as psychadelic, magical realism, hard-boiled Surrealism, and mystic fable. Since 2004 Levin has published six novels, including The Rooftop Sutras (which was shortlisted for the Northern Territory Book of The Year Award in 2011) and one graphic novel. He has also written plays (the latest of which was performed to sell-out shows), a movie script (which he is currently directing) and various pamphlets: The Swagman’s Rite; and The Heart Doctrine; A Theory on Peace. Levin also produces and edits an independent magazine called The Veil, which is devoted to philosophy, theosophy, mysticism and occultism. Sometimes he plays guitar and sings for bands, such as Flugendorf and Podvig.


One comment

  1. Grace

    In my wonderful copy of “The Man Who Never Sleeps”, Author…a dear friend – Lev, wrote in there, “To my dearest & wonderful honey pumpkin pie” and personally signed. I always knew you’d fill more pages with your brilliance, don’t ever change. ❤ always, Gracie

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